Cervical Cancer and Ovarian Cancer

Cervical cancer is found in the cervix and thus is the cancer arising from the cervix. The reason for this type of cancer is the abnormal growth of cells that have the tendency to spread or invade to other parts of the body. Initially, no symptoms are found. At an advanced stage, symptoms seen may include pelvic pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding, or pain during sexual intercourse.

Ovarian cancer occurs when abnormal malignant cells in the ovary start to multiply uncontrollably and form a tumor. Such a condition is termed as metastatic ovarian cancer. Abdominal bloating and swelling, alteration of bladder habits, pelvic pain, persistent indigestion, nausea or gas are some symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Irregular periods, abnormal vaginal discharge, pain during sex, swollen abdomen, fatigue, etc are some major symptoms.

A combination of Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, and surgery is used to treat the cancers.

Some forms of cancers may recur even after treatment.

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