Hyper Stimulated IVF

Hyper stimulated IVF is the normal or usual treatment where the patient has a normal egg reserve. It is often used if a patient has not conceived during a previous IVF treatment cycle due to poor quality embryos.

During hyper stimulated IVF treatment, the full dosage of medication is taken. A high dose of medicine is often used to maximize the eggs and embryos from a single cycle. The objective of hyper stimulated IVF treatment is to collect between 10 and 20 eggs and to fertilise as many as possible.

Because many eggs are fertilized there should be several embryos, from which the strongest are chosen and the others frozen for possible future treatment cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hyper stimulated IVF is a procedure that includes the collection of 10-20 eggs from the female partner and aims to fertilize as many eggs as possible.

Since an intake of medication is prescribed, some side effects may follow.

The procedure may last from 2 to 6 weeks.

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