Painless Normal Delivery

The process of labour is characterized by regular, painful uterine contractions leading to the expulsion of the fetus, placenta and the membranes. However, this process can be quite painful and stressful for women, especially if it is the first pregnancy.

With advancement in medicine, it is possible to deliver a baby normally without experiencing any pain. For painless normal delivery, an injection is delivered into the spinal space (epidural block) in the lower back or directly into the spinal fluid (spinal block). This numbs the lower half of the body below the waist.

As a result, many expectant mothers opt for these pain relief methods to relieve anxiety and pain associated with labour and focus more on the joy of becoming a mother.

Frequently Asked Questions

The epidural helps ease pain and better cope with exhaustion and postpartum depression.

Women who are likely to undergo high amounts of stress, exhaustion, or any complications are advised to undergo a painless birth process.

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