Parenthood is a life-altering and a beautiful experience. Mothers especially go through changes they have never seen or heard of.  Bodily transformation, the psychological connection, and most importantly, the magic of being able to call into existence another life is something many parents yearn to go through.

Unfortunately, not all are blessed with this superpower. Infertility, medical conditions, and many other reasons stand as a fork on the road to parenthood. 

However, advancement in medical research and technology has enabled us to create multiple options that promise parenthood. 

Assisted Reproductive Technologies – ART, is an umbrella term that denotes all methods used in enabling couples to conceive babies. IVF is one of the ARTs that is gaining popularity in modern-day parenting. 

IVF is the most sought-after assisted parenthood method that enjoys the highest success rates among all other ARTs. 

IVF promises multiple options for parenthood

IVF- In vitro fertilization can be used by any type of couple. Apart from the option of choosing to use one’s own gametes, a couple going for IVF can choose to use a donor’s sperms or eggs to conceive. 

Be it a same-sex couple or a heterosexual couple, they can use IVF. A gestational carrier or surrogacy makes it possible to bear children. 

Safeguard your baby from any genetic defects

While embryos are being transferred after fertilization, preimplantation genetic testing is done to ensure good quality embryos are selected.

This screening can drastically reduce the risks of passing on any genetic defects to babies. 

The flexibility of Cryopreservation and Embryo donation 

The most flexible aspect of IVF is cryopreservation. This is a process of storing and freezing eggs from a female partner. Along with egg freezing, sperm freezing can also be done to make sure the conception happens rather hassle-free if the couple chooses IVF in the future.

When the fertilization is carried out, only some eggs are transferred to the mother’s womb and the unused ones can be donated, with patient’s consent. This beautiful connection provides joy and satisfaction of parenthood to not only one but multiple couples. 

You get to decide your journey of parenthood

With many modern-day couples being career-oriented, they rather postpone parenthood to later times when they are happily settled, financially comfortable, and feel ready to accommodate another tiny human into their lives. 

IVF provides this much-needed flexibility. The control over time and way of conception is a big boon for many parents.

With all such positive sides to look after, IVF is researched upon. A lot of advancement has been done for decades after the first IVF baby was born in 1978. 

Any couple can choose IVF and enjoy safe and joyful parenthood. 

Happy Parenting…


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